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The Future Of Amazon in Pakistan

March 27, 2023by Boom Marketing0

From Jungle to Online-Marketplace 

It is known that the world of eCommerce has grown drastically after the heavy waves and perpetual lockdowns of a pandemic from 2019 to 2021. It was an evident and favorable situation to boost the eCommerce industry. When all the physical businesses stagnated, eCommerce lifted the burden to rescue the global economy from drowning, as it does. Additionally, more traffic on roads, inconvenience with parking, internet usage, social influence, leisure, induced addiction to online shopping, and the more critical factor involved was identifying the lap of luxury of human psychology, bringing the needs and wants on one page. Thus, the buyers become indecisive about whether they need it or wish for it.

The main component of the growing world indicates that time is more important than everything else. They want everything to happen on its own, loving the automatic and luxurious world. To make it more simple, human beings want to create a heaven on earth, so they can have everything on a call. Or call the genie of Aladdin to ensure that everything they want to have has to be available at their next. Besides, after the pandemic, unfortunately, a long inflationary period hovered, which sunk the worth of the global economy. Still, again-eCommerce was available to rescue the economies. Hence, the more significant part of the world has become addicted to online shopping. This flow created the idea of selling online, as every business is a two-way process; the buyer and the seller. Hence amazon set the opportunity of selling online to global sellers. This way, people are dealing in different markets from all over the world.

According to statistics, amazon was in losses before the pandemic, and all the revenue that amazon would be generating would be spent back on advertisements and promotions. As soon as the ground became favorable for amazon and people started liking online shopping, amazon became one of the top-selling channels of online marketplaces. This prospect led to the creation of other eCommerce platforms like Shopify and dedicated personalized online stores. What It means to be, is that amazon inculcated a vast and international online culture.


The Future of amazon in Pakistan 

In some countries, specifically in Pakistan, wishing to sell on amazon has become the foremost priority of youth. They are being altered with a phenomenon that selling on amazon could be the wealthiest business they can ever do and a trap that dollars are hung on the trees to be collected. Selling on amazon is a good business with the least mobility, as the sellers can manage everything from their laptops. I regret that the youth are influenced and attracted by unauthorized and inauthentic sources. The alarming situation is that the youth is also sinking with the flow. Unfortunately, they portray a pleasant and accessible picture of selling on amazon, like listing the products, buying from physical stores, and delivering to customers.

In contrast, the reality Is quite different. To see a more comprehensive and authentic picture of the amazon selling procedure, it’s a very long and scientific process that cannot be processed overnight. Amazon has created a seller university, its policies, terms of use, seller restrictions, and many other do’s and don’ts. If it was really an easy job that everyone could avail the opportunity to sell on amazon without having in-depth knowledge, it’s no less than causing a significant loss to yourself.

Who can sell on amazon?

The objective is to know who can sell on amazon?

What type of personality is eligible to sell on amazon?

Who should avoid trading on amazon? How to sell on amazon?

These should be the questions for each student who wants to sell on amazon.

As previously mentioned, selling on amazon is a scientific process and has stages of being learned. Each step has to be practical and should be retained until mastery. The initial stage is understanding the theory, policies, prohibitions, pros and cons, business models, suppliers, manufacturers, and sellers. The next step is to know what is B2B and what is B2C business models. The third stage is learning how to register on amazon and how a person can create a limited liability corporation company. The 4th stage is to know what necessary provisions of the state of law apply to owning a business in a particular country.

What type of personality can sell on amazon? 

Those already looking for shortcuts in their lives don’t have to see their careers in amazon and eCommerce, respectively. Stabilizing a business in the eCommerce platforms would take years to establish, which needs consistency, patience, coping ability, bearing hurdles, faith, trust in oneself, and targets orientated behavior. This could be a formula for everybody who wants to sell on amazon to measure themselves in the prescribed measurement scale. On the other hand, those who can’t stick to the said rules are not eligible to build a career at amazon.

It is very saddening to say that many of the elements are looting the youth of Pakistan by saying that they just need to enter and start earning. As it was said earlier, it’s a more than one-day process. They induce a very wrong perception of making dollars in no time. It’s a condemnable story repeated to the people of Pakistan. It’s more like playing with their emotions and lives. All I want to reveal to you is that many people are just robbing students in the name of teaching them eCommerce, especially amazon. They are earning more from the dues people pay them than they make from amazon as a seller.

I acknowledge huge investment brings enormous profits, but that depends on how much a seller invests and the ROI of the particular business model and product. In the end, it is a tough job to work on amazon, which doesn’t qualify for the traits mentioned earlier. 50% of 100% who start learning about amazon leave the course in the mid. 30% of the remaining 50% goes after the completion of the system and denies practicing after learning. 10% out of the remaining 20% start working but have no patience and quit at the end. Thus, the success ratio remains at only 10% in Pakistan. This 10% are the people who qualify for the traits required for working at amazon.

Qualifications required for amazon 

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Patience
  • Team Work
  • Management Skills

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