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Importance of Real estate in Human Development

January 20, 2022by Boom Marketing0

What is Human Being?

A human being is a unique character created from heavenly abstract (Angelic matter) and earthly concrete matter (Soil) and programmed to connect heaven and earth by performing the assigned tasks. Whereas entitled as the highest of all creatures due to consciousness and differentiated for its willpower, approaching development (successive stages from birth to resurrection) throughout the life span and hereafter. A human being is a power that leads the universe by arranging the shattered resources available at different positions. With the birth of a human being, certain elements (basic needs) are born along, that is, biological and spiritual needs. To fill the associated needs, God has introduced two systems to complete a human being; the economic (to meet earthly and bodily needs) and religious systems (to meet heavenly and spiritual needs). Thus the imbalance between the two hinders the development of a human being. 


Real Estate and Biological Development

Development of the human being depends on livelihood, as food is necessary, similarly having a roof under which a human being chooses to live comes under the foremost needs

Human development is impossible until the basic needs are not accomplished because a restless mind never achieves goals. Moreover, it is inevitable for a human being to have accomplished their property for a free-living from where he can operate over new ideas and discoveries. The growth stops, where the mind is stuck! By nature, human beings plan to work on multiple ideas of achievement but cannot operate all fields together. However, if the focus is to buy its own property, all the energies of a human combine to work on the particular goal achievement, which will never allow one to have other achievements (development) along. Thus it is indispensable for human development to have a personal living space. 


Personal belongings and Spiritual Development 

Spiritual development is the most crucial part of human life; as the body and earthly materials develop, spiritual development also occurs in the same manner. The human spirit is a heavenly revealed subject and will always seek to bow against the enormous power than other human made powers. Everything around us is less potent than human beings. Thus a human being seeks to concentrate and bend against the authority, THE GOD, created this creature. To keep the spirituality alive and pure. One has to be away from the evil tendencies; with that being the case, if the right ways for a human being close, this entity will grow towards the unfair, immoral and unnatural world. In a nutshell, unless a human being is restricted to gain biological needs, spiritual development never comes along. This classification of development solely depends upon fulfilling the needs. Eventually, a human will never earn to develop this, and even the world hereafter. 

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