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Boom Marketing

Our Vision:
Successful Business

Boom marketing is a renowned company with enormous experience refining and establishing real estate projects through innovative marketing solutions. Our R&D team has conducted thorough research in the last few years on advanced marketing strategies and bringing safe and secure investment opportunities. The company uses excellent contemporary marketing techniques; conformity techniques, social influencing techniques, web-based, digital marketing, internet media, and mass communication to reach the maximum number of clients.

Boom Marketing is committed to diversifying and empowering the realtors based on our technical knowledge and experiences to work on the evolution of real estate moving from traditional (old fashion) to advanced levels and help investors and customers get the opportunity to promote their financial strength. However to achieve the committed goal Boom marketing transforms the real estate industry through innovation, digital technology, and transparency. To provide the right information to clients/customers in the real estate industry to invest in projects, commercial and residential properties, for sale, rent or investment locally and regionally.

Our Vision

To contribute to the transformation of the real estate industry.

Our Mission

To provide innovative marketing solutions to estate developers and ensure guaranteed, secure investment opportunities for investors and end-users

Our Objectives

  • To provide innovative marketing solutions to estate developers
  • To ensure guaranteed, secure investment opportunities for investors and end-users

Our Services

For the establishment of a project, we make sure the following components are inevitable to be executed for better results.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

1. Project Profiling

  • Project Website Creation
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Print Media Profiling
  • Communication, Stationary, and logistics

2. Designography & Creatography

  • Creative Designing & Animations
  • Drone Coverage and VR/AR
  • Project Photography and Videography

3. Advertisements

  • Social Media Advertisement
  1. Paid advertisement campaign
  2. Leads generation
  3. Online Ranking through SEO
  • Print Media Advertisement
  1. Flexes
  2. Banners
  3. Postings
  4. Newspaper ads
  5. TV Ads
  • Local Advertisement
  1. Local sponsorships etc.
  2. Events

4. Record Keeping & Maintenance

  • CRM Dashboard
  • Files Management
  1. Sales Records keeping etc.
  2. Record maintenance
  • Accounts Management

7. Project sales

  • Client Visits
  • Deals Closings
  • Client Meetings
  •    Briefing about the project etc.
  • Payment Recoveries

What do we
Stand for?

Boom marketing has conducted thorough research for seven years around the country while collecting the data that specify the ideal places of business project opportunities.
We plan, design, focus, and we produce.
We Plan Assess, Create, Operate and Innovate.
We are known for our strong Marketing Strategies.
Team Leadership
Its not only the title, we build leaders and they build community.
We approach the relevant community to achieve our goals.
Perfection is the art of Excellence that we opt to provide.

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